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 Husband & Wife team Andrew and Rachel Brand co-founded Bake Superior Bread out of their home kitchen in 2016 and officially opened their retail bakery in downtown Ironwood, Michigan during the winter of 2017.  They set out to provide hand-crafted, small batch artisan breads free of the widely used harmful ingredients found in commercial products.  We offer a wide variety of European style bread based products like, Pretzels, Bagels, Pastries and even Pizza. 

The practices we use are of the old world, we take the sourdough approach and long fermentation methods on many of our products, making for a more nutritious and digestible bread. We also never compromise on the importance of quality of ingredients, and supporting our local farmers when and where ever we can. Our Proprietors are also your Bakers, they work round the clock making sure every step of the bread production is done by loving hand and customer service is at it highest. Our staff is knowledgeable about each breads unique qualities and potential heath benefits. Another wildly unique feature of us is that our bakery production area is completely open and visible to guests in the cafe or the passer-by on the street through our large front windows. This is designed to give everyday people the chance to see what type of labor it takes to produce products in this fashion, and also to show we are not hiding anything, we do what we say we do, Bake Superior Bread!H

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Andrew Brand’s “back-burner dream” of owning a bakery is now a reality.  Brand has several years’ experience as an executive chef, pastry chef and artisan baker. He became uncomfortable with the ingredients some establishments used, from dough conditioners and artificial sweeteners to flour additives and hydrogenated oils. Determined to provide customers with the most nutritious ingredients possible—the same approach he uses to feed his family— together with his wife Rachel, he opened Bake Superior Bread.

Bake Superior Bread, co-founded by husband and wife team Andrew & Rachel Brand, opened Dec. 2017. The couple's main objective is to provide the community with fresh daily, artisan hand-crafted bread that is free of the widely used harmful ingredients found in bread. Rachel focuses her talents on creating delicious pastries and serving up a warm and welcoming experience to all who stop by their shop.