our craft

All of our breads are hand-crafted and baked in small bathes daily.

We use old world methods -  the sourdough approach and long fermentation methods - on many of our products, making for a more nutritious and digestible bread. Never compromising on the quality of  the ingredients we select and supporting our local farmers when and where ever we can.

Our proprietors are also your bakers, they work round the clock making sure every step of the bread production is done lovingly by hand and and each guest served feels as cared for as our breads and pastries. Our staff is knowledgeable about each breads unique qualities and potential heath benefits.


Our oven kitchen and production area, allow guests to watch our process and witness our passion as we work to provide an exceptional product. This open design, gives everyday people the chance to see the craftsmanship it takes to produce products in this fashion, and also to show we are not hiding anything, we do what we say we do, Bake Superior Bread!

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the Brands



After several years’ experience as an executive chef, pastry chef and artisan baker, I became uncomfortable with the ingredients some establishments used, from dough conditioners and artificial sweeteners to flour additives and hydrogenated oils. Determined to provide our community with the most nutritious ingredients possible—the same approach I use to feed my family—my wife Rachel and I opened Bake Superior Bread in downtown Ironwood.

Every day Bake Superior Bread's pasty case is full of delicious, fresh baked goodies -  assorted tarts, brownies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and scones - I have the pleasure of baking up these small batch treats.   


Andrew and I are committed to creating both excellent breads, pastries, and sandwiches and the warm and welcoming atmosphere enjoyed by all who visit.